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Título: Prospective methodologies to support tourism destinations management
Autores: Fernandes, Gonçalo
Data: 2014
Resumo: The application of prospective methodologies in the management of tourism destinations is recent and it is the result of a growing concern to assess sustainable projects at destinations in planning and tourism development. There isn’t an effective planning of tourism with binding character in Portugal, that transform the interventions in destinations through land-use plans in force and the guidelines contained in strategic plans produced with different territorial scales and by different entities, it is important to consider that, in addition to academic studies. These studies allow us to contribute to public management, promoting the effective recognition of their added value in supporting decision-making and sustainable construction at destinations. In this context, the Delphi methodology intends to predict future changes or trends and emerges as an alternative to conventional methods of prospecting. Its application to tourism destinations has contributed to a different interpretation of the characteristics of the destination and processes to be developed, leading to forming a panel that promotes quantitative and qualitative assessments of balanced strategies or projects, allowing to base action logics and assume guidance. In the study applied to the Central mountain range destination, we tried to inquire about existing problems, about the recognition of disruptive interventions, policy addressing / interventions for the management and promotion of the tourism destination, reaching a consensus for decision-making and defining strategies for the territory appropriation through tourism and leisure activities.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10314/2367
ISBN: 978-972-8681-65-4
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