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Título: Immigrant L2 education in Portugal
Autores: Campos, Luísa
Ribeiro, María del Carmen
Palavras Chave: Portugal
Portuguese as a Second Language
Immigrant Education
Iberian Peninsula
Data: 2012
Resumo: This article is in part the result of an FCT-financed research project of the Research Unit for Inland Development at the Guarda Polytechnic, Portugal, on Immigrant Education in the area of Portuguese L2 and culture. While the project has involved regional primary and secondary schools, the Guarda Polytechnic itself, local NGOs and other private language and cultural institutions in the data collection process to determine the language education experience of the immigrant community in Guarda, Portugal, particularly in state-certified Portuguese language education courses, this article will focus on a critical and temporal analysis of the emission of national policy. Comparison of the timeliness of these rulings and the resulting structures will reveal a close accompaniment of the broader perspective provided in the context of the conferences held biannually in Spain in the noughties to reflect on the state of immigrant education in language and culture entitled Segundas Lenguas e Inmigración (SL&i – Second Language and Immigration). This article then represents not the results of our data collection on the state of immigrant education in Portugal but rather the premises on which the national educational structure to be studied in a local context is based, reflecting both international and national aspirations to contribute to the creation of a teaching/learning process for second language and culture education for immigrants.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10314/2385
ISBN: 978-972-99292-7-4
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