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Título: Painful nipples: Constraints and implications on exclusive breastfeeding
Autores: Cortinhas, Fernanda
Pissara, Paula
Rosa, Celina
Data: 2015
Editora: Elsevier doyma
Resumo: The benefits of breastfeeding are multiple and already well recognized both in the short and long term and the exclusive practice of breastfeeding until the sixth month of life is recommended by OMS and UNICEF. Objectives: This study aims to analyse the conditions in the appearance of painful nipples among mothers at the beginning of lactation and its implication in exclusive breastfeeding. Methods: This is a quantitative, transversal and descriptive-correlational study. A non-probabilistic sample was appointed, by convenience, of 160 pairs of mothers/children. Data collection was performed in two stages. In the maternity ward from 24 to 36 hours following childbirth by means of a self administered questionnaire and the application of the Breastfeeding Observation Form, a UNICEF protocol. Also 15 days after delivery by means of a follow-up questionnaire. Results: The study revealed a high incidence of painful nipples in maternity (79, 40%). The results suggest that the condition which proved highly significant in its appearance was the breastfeeding technique (p=0,000). Other conditions ( preparation for childbirth, introduction of teats, conducts in prevention and types of nipple) did not prove to be significant (p>0, 05). The appearance of pain in nipples did not bear significant implications for exclusive breastfeeding during hospitalization (p=0, 150), however, it was reflected after 15 days, with a very significant connection (p=0, 002). Conclusions: The results of the research allow us to reflect on the importance of the correct breastfeeding technique (namely body posture and the handling of the baby to the breast) in the prevention of pain in the nipples and consequently the promotion of exclusive breastfeeding.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10314/2390
ISSN: 0212-6567
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