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Título: Satellite SAR interferometry for monitoring dam deformation in Portugal
Autores: Joaquim, Sousa
Lazecky, Milan
Hlavacova, Ivana
Bakon, Matus
Patrício, Glória
Palavras Chave: Dams
Satellite InSAR
Deformation monitoring
Remote sensing
C-band SAR
Data: 2015
Resumo: The paper offers three examples of satellite SAR interferometry (InSAR) application for monitoring dam deformations: Paradela, Raiva and Alto Ceira, all of them in Portugal. Dam deformations were estimated using several sets of ERS and Envisat C-band SAR data by PS-InSAR method that offers accuracy of a millimeter per year at monitoring man-made tructures. The results show potential of InSAR but also summarize limits of C-band InSAR in these particular cases and can be handful to recognize applicability of new Sentinel-1 data (since 2014) for continuous monitoring of dam deformations. While Alto Ceira dam lies in SAR radar shadow and was represented by only one observable point, and the movement detected (in satellite line-of-sight direction) appears to fit with geodetical measurements. Raiva and Paradela dams were represented by sufficient number of points feasible for PS-InSAR processing. Deformations at slope near to Raiva dam and slow linear movements of the center of Paradela dam were detected.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10314/2408
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