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Título: Do you need to see it to believe it? Let's see statistics and geometry dynamically together!
Autores: Martins, José Alexandre
Estrada, Assumpta
Nascimento, Maria Manuel
Palavras Chave: Statistics
Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS)
Data: 2014
Resumo: Statistical graphs, measures of central tendency and measures of spread are key concepts in the statistics curriculum, so we present here a dynamic method (software) that may be used in the classroom. In this work we begin with an introductory approach. This is done to emphasize the importance of stimulating the visualization of statistical measures by using available technology as a means of overcoming difficulties and errors related to interpretations and also to motivate students in the classroom. With the help of the dynamic geometry software Cabri-Géomètre II Plus, some applications will be presented from a didactic viewpoint as a means to give visual stimulation, to motivate and to facilitate the familiarization with statistical concepts involved in statistical graphs, measures of central tendency and measures of spread. The applications presented here may be implemented by any teacher with basic knowledge of Cabri-Géomètre or any other dynamic geometry software. We hope that they will also be elements that promote further interaction within the classroom.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10314/2438
ISSN: 2301-251X
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