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Título: Building bridges on accounting & finance through international partnership
Autores: David, Fátima
Abreu, Rute
Segura, Liliane
Palavras Chave: Accounting
Curriculum design
International Partnership
Higher education
Data: 2014
Resumo: Across the world, developing international partnerships enrich study at Universities and Polytechnics and it enables the international cooperation as the best way to promote sustainable development, complementing various programmes and initiatives between countries and Portuguese-speaking regions, which includes the International Programme for the Support of Research and Education through Mobility teacher and student International - Pro-Mobility International, Notice CAPES / AULP nº 033/2011 of CAPES of Ministry of Education of Brazil. Indeed, this research is supported in a strong partnership between four Higher Education Institutions (HEI), such as: Polytechnic Institute of Guarda and Beira Interior University (Portugal), Presbyterian Mackenzie University (Brazil) and Mindelo University (Cabo Verde). This is an innovative project that joins students and professors from HEI to build an international partnership. In this particularly case, the establishment of alliances that represents the of students and professors interests in promoting good practices of corporate governance and accountability in developed and emerging countries. Thus, the development of networks connected to mobility and research projects are an effective tool to outline a policy of scientific development, with the respective transfer of knowledge to the company. The methodology of the research will be based on collecting and reviewing accessible information about higher degree study programmes in Portugal, Brazil and Cabo Verde, in particularly, (1) the curriculum design and skills and knowledge; (2) the integrated timetable and each syllabus; and (3) the definition of outcomes and results. The data will be collected from the websites of each HEI to understand the design of the courses to assess the skills and experience to prepare students to competitive job market. This network was design to encourage students to focus on practical experience of the business and ensure the entrepreneurship of their applied project and professional practices. The main results show that the importance on a partnership of the common language, ie, Portuguese. Another result is the scientific area of study based on the international accounting standards promoted by international Accounting Standards Board (IASB) then students and professors increase the knowledge and competences in this scientific area. At the same time, the distinctiveness and quality of research will engage several students to actively promote a new range of opportunities for their future life. Also, the research developed by professor’s focus on the accounting and management degrees as a new trend to education and globalization. Working with an international network of experts and IES lies beyond the scope of this research, but are undoubtedly important and deserves future attention.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10314/2459
ISBN: 978-84-616-8412-0
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