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Título: Experimental validation of the electro-thermal model of a PV paneil
Autores: Alcaso, Adérito N.
Figueiredo Ramos, C. A.
Marques Cardoso, A. J.
Palavras Chave: Photovoltaic CetIs
Data: 2013
Resumo: The use of solar energy to generate electricity by photovoltaic (PV) cel Is is increasng, in response to the warld energy needs and environmental constraints. Hawever, most of the incident radiation on conventional PV ceUs is not converted into electricity being wasted through heat dissipation and responsable for rising the ceUs temperatura and lowering even more the already low efficiency of photovottaic energy converters. Á way to maintain the efficiency higher is to cantrol the temperature of the cells. To understand the vaflatian of PV efficiency, specific modais are needed, that incarparate electric, thermal and cUmotic porameters. This papar presents a dynamic modal of a PV cal? and evaluatas its thermal and electrical performance. Simulation and experimental results are presented and campared to validara the modal.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10314/2463
ISBN: 978-989-98406-4-5
Aparece nas Colecções:Artigos em Acta de Conferência Internacional (ESTG)

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