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Título: Knowledge, perceptions and attitudes of hospital pharmacists about antibiotic resistance - a pilot study in Portugal.
Autores: Roque, Fátima
Soares, Sara
Breitenfeld, Luiza
Figueiras, Adolfo
Herdeiro, Maria Teresa
Palavras Chave: attitudes
reproducibility questionnaire
hospital pharmacists
Data: 2013
Editora: Medimond
Resumo: Introduction: Antibiotics are the most commonly used and costly drugs used in hospitals, and the inappropriate use is related with occurrence of bacterial resistances, that is one of the most important problem of public health. Pharmacists play an important role in implementation of guidelines in hospital, and their proactive attitude related to antibiotic use and bacterial resistances, could improve antibiotic use in hospitals. Aim: This study sought to evaluate reliability and reproducibility of a questionnaire on knowledge and attitudes of hospital pharmacists about antibiotic use and microbial resistance. Method: A structured questionnaire was constructed accordingly data obtained during a qualitative study, and literature review. Our research was developed with pharmacists working in 5 hospital of statistically Territorial Unity Nomenclature (NUT) II area of Portugal, defined by Health Northern Regional Administration (ARS-N).This study was approved by the Ethics Committee and Board of Directors of each hospital. Questionnaires were administered to each pharmacist twice, at an interval of 2 to 4 weeks. Attitudes were measured using a continuous visual analogue scale, with answers scored from 0 (total disagreement) to 20 (total agreement). Questionnaire reproducibility and reliability was determined by intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) and Cronbach´s alpha calculation. Results: A total of 16 hospital pharmacists participated in this survey. Questionnaire evaluated 17 attitudes related to knowledge and perception of the problem, attribution of responsibilities, pharmacists practice behaviours and perceptions of measures that could improve antibiotic use. Attitudes related to perception of the problem demonstrated highest ICC (95%, IC), and Chronbach’s alpha is 0,8. Conclusion: Results obtained allows us to conclude that our questionnaire is valid to evaluate the attitudes and knowledge of hospital pharmacists related to antibiotic use and resistances, since it allows to detect differences among these health professionals that work in hospital pharmacies. We recommend based on these results continuity of studies including case-control studies
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10314/3207
ISSN: 978-88-7587-670-8
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