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Título: Nascent Entrepreneurship and Sustainability on tge Beverage Sector
Autores: Almeida, Rita Miranda
Abreu, Rute
Lopez, José
Data: 10-Aug-2017
Editora: GI Global
Resumo: This research analyses the nascent entrepreneurship and sustainability on the beverage sector through the financial performance of the new emerging business of Portuguese companies. It explains the economic and financial results of new and older companies and discuss the best strategies adopted by them. Most companies are small, characterized by the same selling products: natural mineral water and spring water, flavoured water and soft drinks. Indeed, the research address the sustainability challenges, demands of major investments in sustainable businesses that will provide triple bottom line. The research adds knowledge and transfer to the society, because it is unusual research about entrepreneurship in beverage sector through the new demands on the market reality.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10314/3961
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