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Título: Making Tourism Marketing Work for You in the FL Classroom
Autores: Ribeiro, Maria del Carmen
Rodrigues, Florbela
Palavras Chave: Foreign Language
Teaching and Learning,
Intercultural Competence,
Higher Education
Data: 2017
Editora: Recles
Resumo: This paper shares strategies for using advertising, specifically Tourism Marketing, as an authentic source of language in higher education foreign language classes. The various agents, texts and voices in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English demonstrate the relevance and timeliness of authenticity, particularly as connected with teaching adults. Thus, from knowing why something should be learned and valuing error and experience as learning activities to actively planning and evaluating their instruction, problem-centeredness fuels the intrinsic motivation of foreign language users in higher education. The languages and images of commercial goods, like Port wine and Jerez brandy as well as touristic products, services, and iconic images, reveal important considerations not only about theories of visualization that support foreign language users but also about the stereotypes promoted in a number of advertising campaigns. The cultural dimensions existing (or missing) in Tourism Marketing, including the campaigns which have been literally translated, provide a wealth of learning experiences for teaching not only language but also intercultural competence. When promoted effectively in the language classroom, this consideration can lead to greater recognition of cultural variation and promotion of student strategies for developing skills in global effectiveness. This investigative perspective of Tourism Marketing, ranging in selection for the discerning teacher from graphic and semiotic richness to a plethora of cultural and linguistic messages, highlights the potential for cross-cultural understanding.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10314/4035
ISBN: 978-989-8557-78-0
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