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2002 No accounting for fashion: the flawed quest for shareholder value Crowther, David
2002 Three bites of the cherry? Performance measurement in the UK electricity industry and the effects of industry structure Crowther, David; Cooper, Stuart
2006 Could firm value be explained by thermal comfort? Evidence from Listed Companies in Portugal Abreu, Rute; PRADO-LORENZO, José; MARTIN-JIMENEZ, Doroteo
2007 Accounting for higher education institutions - the impact of corporate social responsibility Abreu, Rute; David, Fátima; Martins, Nélia; Rei, Constantino
2008 Modelling: From thermal comfort to firm value Abreu, Rute; PRADO-LORENZO, José; MARTIN-JIMENEZ, Doroteo
2008 Performance Indicators in Higher Education Institutions: the role of Corporate Social Responsibility Abreu, Rute; David, Fátima; Carreira, Francisco; Gonçalves, Cidalina
2014 Building bridges on accounting & finance through international partnership David, Fátima; Abreu, Rute; Segura, Liliane
2014 Deposit Guarantee Fund: One Perspective Abreu, Rute; David, Fátima; Segura, Liliane
2015 The new challenges for higher education institutions in consequence of new public audit Monteiro, Lurdes; David, Fátima; Abreu, Rute
2015 Water: A big market for SME Almeida, Rita; Abreu, Rute; Pére- López, José Ángel
2015 Impact of the deposit guarantee fund on finance and banking: evidence from Brazil Abreu, Rute; David, Fátima; Segura, Liliane; Formigoni, Henrique; Mantovani, Flávio
2016 Accounting for Women’s Labour: Explaining the Present from the Past Abreu, Rute; David, Fátima